Numero 7.1 - Gennaio 2005

Opinioni e Aggiornamenti


Un nuovo bersaglio degli estrogeni nel maschio: l'epididimo

Il ruolo del cromosoma Y nell’infertilità maschile

Efficacia di FSH ricombinante umano in comparazione con hMG urinario dopo down-regulation in protocollo lungo - Un'analisi di 24.764 cicli ART effettuati in Germania

Gonadotropine e Infertilità: aggiornamenti della Nota 74

Dalla Ricerca dei Soci

Hormones and breast cancer

Timing of intrauterine insemination:where are we?

Mutation analysis of two candidate genes for premature ovarian failure, DACH2 and POF1B.

Exposure of pig oocytes to PCBs during in vitro maturation: effects on developmental competence, cytoplasmic remodelling and communications with cumulus cells

Cytoplasmic changes and developmental competence of bovine oocytes cryopreserved without cumulus cells

Use of naltrexone in postmenopausal women with exaggerated insulin secretion: a pilot study

Drospirenone for the treatment of hirsute women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a clinical, endocrinological, metabolic pilot study

Number of good quality embryos on day 3 is predictive for both pregnancy and implantation rates in in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles

Polscope analysis of meiotic spindle changes in living metaphase II human oocytes during the freezing and thawing procedures

Caspase-dependent and -independent DNA fragmentation in Sertoli and germ cells from men with primary testicular failure: relationship with histological diagnosis