Numero 7.2 - Maggio 2005

Opinioni e Aggiornamenti

La crioconservazione del seme e del tessuto testicolare.

La funzione luteale e i suoi fattori di modulazione

L’isterectomia laparoscopica

Fitoestrogeni: un placebo o un pro-drug ancora da scoprire

Il VII Week-end clinico di Palermo

Dalla Ricerca dei Soci

The 2004 Italian legislation regulating assisted reproduction technology: a multicentre survey on the results of IVF cycles

Health-related quality of life and need for IVF in 1000 Italian infertile couples

Full-term pregnancies achieved with ICSI despite high levels of sperm chromatin damage

Maternal chromatin remodeling during maturation and after fertilization in mouse oocytes

Androgen receptor gene CAG and GGC repeat lengths in cryptorchidism

A novel circulating hormone of testis origin in humans

Cryopreservation of pig granulosa cells: effect of FSH addition to freezing medium

The involvement of the interstitial Cajal cells and the enteric nervous system in bowel endometriosis cles

Development and clinical application of a strategy for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of single gene disorders combined with HLA matching res

Developmental capability of denuded Bovine oocyte in a co-culture system with intact cumulus-oocyte complexes: role of cumulus cells, cAMP and Glutathione

Increased frequency of migraine among women with endometriosis

Which treatment options should be used in adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome? cles

Effect of pioglitazone treatment on the adrenal androgen response to corticotrophin in obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. res

Exogenous luteinizing hormone in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation for assisted reproduction techniques